Commissioners Meeting


At yesterday’s (5-15-18) Todd county board of commissioners meeting commissioners approved a Gambling permit for the Sauk Centre Rotary club, plus a one day dance license and a one day temporary on sale liquor license for the little Sauk Legion for August 18th. Commissioners also approved a Thousand sixty dollars for Memorial Day activities within the county. Approved $1400 dollars for Senior citizens centers in the county.Declared  the weekof May 20th‐26th Emergency Medical Services Week in Todd County. Commissioners returned $584 in a tax error for a house that burned down in the county 2016 and wasn’t taken off the 2017 tax assessments. Commissioners agreed to pay their share of the cost for the extension work at the long Prairie airport. The county’s share is around $30,000 dollars. Work will be done sometime this fall or next spring.

Accepted the final plat for Sleepy Hollow Estates in section three in Bruce Township. Todd county ditch Inspector Nancy Uhlenkamp presented a Hold Harmless agreement for maintenance for 750 ft for county ditch 33 in Reynolds Township for Glen Middendorf. Mittendorf will pay for the cleanout. It was last cleaned out in 2005 but trees have grown into this area.

Executive director Lori Vlorlson from Central Minnesota Council on Aging gave an activity/ update for commissioners. Vlorson said she represents 14 counties including Todd County and that Todd county citizens over 60 years of age is about 4 percent of the population.

Todd County HRA executive director Kim Wallace gave commissioners an update of their activities and what they are currently doing on the county. Wallace said that the big need in Todd County is for more senior and workforce housing. Todd county Sheriff Don Asmus present the commissioners with several needs in his department all which have been budgeted for.

The Todd County Sheriff's Office dispatch needs to upgrade the PSAP equipment to have the ability to receive text to 911 calls. The Todd County 911 Committee also recommended entering into a contract with Vesta Solutions in the amount of $131,862.00 for a five year contract with payments made annually $26,372.00 which was approved by the board. The commissioners also approved the Sheriff’s Office purchasing the call handling software and training package from PowerPhone to certify dispatchers as Emergency Medical, Fire, and Law Enforcement dispatchers. The initial cost for this program will be $7,330.00 with an annual maintenance cost of $300.00 per year. Commissioners also approved Todd County Sheriff's Office entering into a Service Agreement renewal with Motorola Solutions to maintain the radio consoles in dispatch. This agreement is a five year contract which will be invoiced annually for a total amount over five years of $50,965.16. Motorola offered this five year contract at a discounted price over the current year to year contract. This is an annual increase of 3% versus 5% annually.

A CUP to operate a trucking service business in Little Elk Township was issued in April 2017. Conditions established for the CUP were not followed, and the applicant no longer lives at the address, and the trucking business no longer operates from that location and has relocated to Clearwater, MN. On May 3, 2018 the Planning Commission discussed the CUP and voted 5‐0 to recommend revoking the CUP. At yesterday Commissioner’s meeting commissioners also voted to revoke the conditional use permit.

A rezoning request from Paul Theisen to rezone 40 acres of land in section 27 in Birchdale Township from R- 10 to AF-1 zoning. Was approved with comditions.


Jeremey Claseman from Todd County Solid Waste requested the Contracts with Step to sort the recycling 2‐3 days a week be updated because the minimum wage went up. So the only thing changing in this contract is the wage for the coach is going from $10.00 to $10.50 per hour and wage for the crew is going from $9.50 to $9.65. That was approve and commissioners also approve the purchase of a new bulldozer for the transfer station.

Todd County Solid Waste has a 5 year replacement plan (Capital Expenditures) this year as part of it is to replace the dozer. After going thru the state bid process, Case and Caterpillar came in the lowest and the closest. Cat being the lowest... Total cost for the dozer from Ziegler is $162,548.

Commissioners are in the process of looking for a new county coordinator as may 23rd is current coordinator Joe Hatch’s last day working for Todd County. At yesterday’s meeting tabled authorizing to hire a search firm for hatch’s replacement. The County Board chose to appoint current MIS director Chris Pelzer an interim Coordinator until a replacement for Hatch can be hired. . And paying Interim Coordinator for 1/5 time, 8 hours per week at Step 1 of the position. Approximately 12 days during the recruitment process. Total cost would be $4,179.84.