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Fugitive Arrested

People in the area of the fairgrounds and Walmart in Little Falls Thursday night 6-21-18 were being asked by authorities to stay inside until a dangerous suspect in the area was arrested.At 6:13 p.m., the Morrison County Sheriff's Department said they are searching for a suspect still at large – a man they say should be considered armed and dangerous.The suspect, 36-year-old Robert Devereaux, was last seen on foot in the fairgrounds area, east of Walmart in Little Falls. Devereaux was wearing an aqua/green shirt and blue jeans. Authorities were telling anyone in that area to seek shelter and stay inside with your doors locked and call 911 if you see a person matching the description of the suspect! Later last night The Morrison County Sheriff's Office said that Robert Devereaux had been located and arrested. No details are available yet as to where and how he was caught.




Online Sales Tax

MINNEAPOIS - The United States Supreme Court just issued a once-in-a-generation ruling for sales tax policy on Thursday. By upholding South Dakota's right to collect sales tax revenue from online retailers without a physical presence in their state, the justices handed a significant victory to brick-and-mortar stores but at the same time made it a bit more expensive to shop online. The ruling, which overturned two decades worth of precedent, gives states wide latitude to implement their own rules about collection. Since Minnesota already passed a law in anticipation of the court's decision, you'll soon have to pay state and local taxes when you buy from a third-party website such as Ebay or Amazon Marketplace. In Minnesota, you'll be subjected to an additional seven or eight percent fee on those purchases, depending on the county or city in which you live. The money will flow straight to the local or state governments; Minnesota alone could net between $132 million and $206 million in revenue annually, according to a U.S. Government Accountability Office report that analyzed 2017 figures. Despite the hit to your wallet, Minnesota Retailers Association President Bruce Nustad said the Supreme Court's ruling will help local businesses compete with third-party sellers, who previously could steal away customers by offering the same products at a lower price without sales tax.



The Todd county sheriff’s office is warning area residents of a scam that’s been happening. On Thursday (6/21/18) Naomi Thatcher of rural Long Prairie reported to the sheriff’s office an internet scam utilizing Walmart 2 Walmart money transfers. The TCSO urges citizens to be cautious of transactions that originate from online or internet contacts. If you think you’ve been scammed or may have encountered this type of activity please contact local law enforcement.



Upcoming Local Events & KEYL/KXDL Events

Ice Cream Social

First Presbyterian Church of Osakis invites everyone to their annual Pie & Ice Cream Social on Sunday, June 24, 2018. Join us for pie and ice cream, plus barbecues, chips and watermelon. Serving will be from 3:00-6:00 p.m. (following the Osakis Parade). Join us at the Fellowship Hall at 101 ..


Grill out, Chill out Giveaway

Grill Out, Chill Out Giveaway It's your chance to win a red Kenmore gas grill, Craftsman cooking utensils, outdoor table with 6 chairs from your local hometown Sears store in downtown Little Falls as well as $200.00 worth of meat from Osakis Family Foods. Register today at one of these..


Coffee in Clotho

1st Friday of the month in Clotho at the United Methodist Church from 6:30-9:00am ..


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