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On Wednesday night 12/07/2016, at 6:07 pm Guy Schoon of rural Sebeka was traveling westbound on US HWY 10 near 245th Ave in a 2011 GMC Sierra, when the vehicle lost items from the bed of the truck, and landed on the roadway. Conor Hoff of rural Darwin was traveling in a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix, and swerved to miss the items in the roadway, and then entered the ditch. No damage was done to either vehicle.




On Thursday afternoon 12-8-16 at approximately 12:40 pm the Todd County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a one vehicle accident on County 97. Corey Paul, of Osakis, lost control of his vehicle around an icy curve and hit a tree. No injuries were sustained. Petrires Towing assisted with the call.


Todd County Board of Commissioners Meeting


If you use the Todd County Solid Waste Transfer Station on Saturdays, you might want to check your calendar before you go.
During their regular meeting on December 7, the Todd County Board of Commissioners approved an action to reduce the Saturday hours of operation to one Saturday per month during the months of December through March, starting in January this year.
The first Saturday of the month will be the designated day they are open of the month from 8 a.m. until noon.
The Solid Waste Department has been working to find ways to control costs and cutting down on the Saturday hours was one way to save money.
Saturday hours would resume to every Saturday from 8 a.m. until noon for the months of April through November.
Transfer Station Supervisor Jeremy Clasemann said that doing this will save money because they are paying two people overtime every Saturday to have it open.
In other business:
• Approved the commissioner’s meeting minutes for October 4 and 18, and November 1 and 15.
• Approved a one day gambling permit for the Midwest Outdoors Unlimited Prairie Partners to hold a raffle at the Hub Supper Club on March 4, 2017.
• Approved a one day gambling permit for the National Wild Turkey Federation-Struttin Black Beards to hold a raffle at the Clarissa Ballroom on February 4 , 2017.
• Approved the 2017 bridge priority replacement list.
County Engineer Loren Fellbaum said that the bridges listed are either structurally deficient or are a high priority for removal and replacement within the immediate future.
“State support for the replacement of bridges continues to be crucial to maintaining the integrity of the local road system and is a necessary funding source for the county, townships, and municipalities to proceed with replacements of the bridges on the attached list,” noted Fellbaum.
Todd County will replace the bridges as soon as either state transportation bond funds or state townbridge funds become available.
• The board also approved the 2021 Area Transportation Improvement Plan nomination of County State Aid Highway 12.
Fellbaum said that the funding for this project must be project specific and meet eligibility guidelines and qualifying criteria.
The project would include the parts of CSAH 12 from Highway 287 to Highway 28 and would be a bituminous mill and overlay project with aggregate shouldering.
Commissioner David Kircher said that they have talked about this and another road near the Staples Hospital and wondered if this project—which will go past the new Long Prairie Hospital once completed—could be moved up on the plan?
Fellbaum said that they could move it up, but he feels that they would have a better chance of getting the project approved if they wait.
“The road condition is not failing, but it is getting to the point that it needs to be addressed,” said Fellbaum.
Kircher said that when the new hospital opens it will get a lot more traffic, at least on a portion of it.
• Rejected a bid for the sale of county owned parcels including the Impound Lot and Sentenced to Service Wood Sale Lot.
Todd County was approached by Long Prairie Packing Company, LLC to consider selling the two county owned parcels.
The county compiled a $277,183 cost estimate to provide for full replacement of these lots and publicly advertised to accept bids for these parcels with a minimum bid requirement that equaled or exceeded the replacement cost of these parcels.
A sealed bid of $277,185 was received from Henry Street Properties, LLC on November 8, which contained additional documents (Purchase Agreement Addendum and Lease Agreement) that have caused the bid to be considered incomplete.
Fellbaum will now work on re-advertising.
Chair Barb Becker asked what the changes will be to the re-advertising?
Fellbaum said that the bid included a lease agreement which nullified the bid. The lease agreement was a kind of protection agreement for the packing plant because the county will continue to use the parcels for a period of time—about December 31, 2017.
The new bid specs will include the lease agreement and the purchase agreement addendum.
Fellbaum said that by the above date the county should have their new parcels ready from the city of Long Prairie.
Auditor/Treasurer Denise Gaida said that she had spoken with Minnesota Counties Intergovernmental Trust in regard to the insurance issue and they are okay with the agreement.
The county will be leasing back the parcels at no cost to the county.
• Approved the rollover of the 2016 sign truck purchase expense to 2017 as the truck utilities are not ready yet and won’t be ready until January of 2017.
According to Fellbaum, the truck and chassis has been purchased.
• Approved the County Ditch 19 maintenance fund continuation.
According to Ditch Inspector Nancy Uhlenkamp, the Ditch 19 Maintenance Fund was established in 1991 and was set at $1 per benefited acre. This fund was in effect for tax payable years 1991–1996.
“In 1997 the amount was increased to $3 per benefited acre and is the current amount per benefited acre. This has been renewed every 5 years,” said Uhlenkamp.
Tax payable year 2016 was the end of the most recent maintenance fund agreement.
“In the past we have held a public hearing to renew the fund every five years. After discussions with ditch inspectors in other counties and Kurt Deter, Ditch Attorney, we have been informed that it is not necessary to incur the expense of a public hearing to continue the maintenance fund on a yearly basis.
“The Ditch Authority can approve the continuation of the fund by resolution at a regular board meeting with no need for a three-week public notice or letter to the landowners on the County Ditch 19 assessment roll,” she explained in a letter to the board.
This will be brought back to the Ditch Authority on a yearly basis for approval of its continuation at the existing $4410 per year.
The cost to hold a public hearing is approximately $1000.
Kircher said that this fund was very beneficial because if there was maintenance to be done, the money was there to do it.
• Accepted the 2016 Federal Boat and Water Safety grant in the amount of $4100 to purchase one sonar device, one pair of binoculars, one boat prop and one boat cover.
• Approved a correction to the corrected plat for Michael’s Subdivision. The adopted plat correction contained an error in the location of the point of commencement. This correction will bring the plat up to date.
• Approved the final plat of “Camacho Addition” subdivision.
• Adopted the 2017 Planning and Zoning Fee Schedule. The fees were not changed from last year.
• Rescinded the action to hire Mike Becker for the Wetlands Conservation Coordinator position as Becker no longer wishes to take the position. The reason stated was because the family healthcare plan that must be purchased through the county is not affordable.
Soil and Water Conservation District Director Tim Stieber said that they have had three applicants decline offers since July because of the healthcare.
They will be interviewing three from the pool of previous applicants to attempt to fill the position.
• Apprved the request to advertise for a used vehicle for SWCD. The board agreed that they should combine their 2016 and 2017 amounts saved for this and get a better used vehicle.
There are three more meetings of the board before year-end. They are: regular session on December 20 followed by a work session and the year-end meeting on December 29.


Bomb Threat

Viking Plaza Mall in Alexandria was evacuated because of a bomb threat, Wednesday, Dec. 7.Alexandria police said someone called the mall and told an employee there was a bomb inside some clothing at the JC Penney store.. Police responded at 4:20 p.m. and worked with Viking Plaza Mall security and the mall was evacuated. A search was completed and no evidence of a bomb was found.Police are investigating in order to locate the source of that threat. The caller was believed to be a younger male.The mall was to remain closed for the duration Wednesday evening and open for regular business Thursday morning.Anyone with knowledge or information pertaining to the identity of the suspect is asked to contact Alexandria police at 320-763- 6631


Driving Tired

It’s pretty obvious that driving drunk is extremely dangerous, but a study by AAA says we should be just as worried about driving while sleepy.The study says you have similar chances of being in a crash while drunk as you do when you have only slept for four or five hours (compared to seven or more).Over 20 percent of crashes that ended in death had a tired driver involved, AAA says. The study also pointed towards the fact that crash data from midnight to 6 a.m. was not available, so it’s possible the study underestimates the effects of sleepiness behind the wheel.And it’s not just if you get five hours of sleep a night. AAA found that drivers who slept for one or more hours less than they usually sleep in the past 24 hours are also at a greater risk of crashing.That’s because being overly tired can slow down your reflexes, decrease your awareness for what’s going on around you and impair your judgement – just like if you’ve been drinking, the Minnesota Department of Transportation said on Facebook.Drowsy drivers are the main reason for at least 100,000 police-reported crashes and more than 1,500 traffic fatalities every year, according to MnDOT. In 2015, 95 people died in crashes involving drunk drivers, the Office of Traffic Safety says.               Tips to avoid a crash

 Obviously, don’t drive drunk or tired.As a healthy adult, get seven hours of sleepy daily. Since the effects of sleep deprivation are worse when driving in the early morning hours, scheduling car trips later in the day could help, the AAA study says.If you plan on drinking, line up a sober ride home or call a taxi or an Uber. (Some Minnesota establishments are encouraging people to leave their cars behind if they’ve celebrated a bit too hard.)And wear your seatbelt. The Office of Traffic Safety reported 132 fewer crash deaths after the Minnesota Primary Seat Belt law was implemented in 2009.



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